A prefabricated cured hempcrete / hemp-lime Coexist Hemp Block

The sample comes in standard nominal size of 6"x8"x16".


Benefits of hemp-lime construction:


Non-structural thermal insulation
No off-gassing, non-toxic, no VOC, free of allergens
Made from natural renewable raw materials
Sustainable with zero carbon footprint
Sequesters CO2
Self-regulates temperature and humidity
Breathable material
Replaces layers of petroleum-based products
Pest resistant – protects from rodents, termites
Mold resistant
Excellent acoustic performance
Factory prefabricated with little waste
Self-build friendly
Provides thermal mass
Vapor-permeable envelope
Easy installation
Promotes healthy living
Made in USA

Coexist Hemp Block Sample

SKU: 0002
  • Hemp Block is a modular factory-made pre-cured product, designed to bring hempcrete into stores and every home.
    Coexist Hemp Block is the first block made in the USA.