The Traveler Series by Coexist is a new DIY kit for a backyard office or cabin retreat designed and curated for optimal performance, comfort, and health.


The only DIY kit designed with 
hempcrete / hemp-lime insulation

EX - View1 - FN_M.jpg

sleeps 6


power tools required

Structure Insulation.jpg

timber frame structure with mortise-n-tenon joints and wooden pegs


140 SF

10'D x 14'L x 15'H


a team of 2-6 people required for assembly

Exterior finishes.jpg

cedar wood prefinished with bleaching oil


corrugated metal


one story with loft


approx. 1 week of assembly time

Interior finishes.jpg

hemp batt / hempcrete insulation with plaster or drywall with  lime plaster basecoat

Section and Plan.jpg

The fast pace of the 21st century has put a lot of stress and demand on families, shifting the balance between the hours spent at work and the quality of life at home, as a result putting a strain on the mental and physical health. 

We understand this challenge all too well. Processed air and off-gassing furniture in office buildings, sitting for long periods of time, sometimes not seeing the light of day, it is a reality for a lot of us.

As working from home is becoming a reality for a lot of people, we decided to introduce a backyard office, designed with a more wholistic approach to our mind and body wellness.


we added a 12' wide door/window combination for seamless transition and a nature-immersive experience

Int - View 1 - D02.jpg

we use hemp batt and hemp block for insulation. easy to install, hemp walls will bring an earthy feel, excellent properties and a comfort of knowing that these walls promote wellness - physical and mental

We work with local craftsmen and wood sourced from FSC sustainable forests to form the skeleton with timber frame, joined with mortise and tenon and wooden pegs. Raising the cabin will be reminiscent of a barn raising - an event for the family to cherish and remember. 


Whether you are searching for tranquility and a space to meditate, or a place to concentrate and meet a deadline, a shelter with a purpose -

the Traveler - can give you both 


How much does it cost?

The kit starts at $26,900 plus tax and shipping with  maximum price at $31,900

How it works


Order submitted and

$500 refundable deposit is paid to secure your spot in production


Choices are finalized,

contract is signed


Drawings are downloaded with a 10% of the final price paid



A deposit of 40% is paid;

 Construction starts, 8 weeks waiting period begins


20% more is due when structure is completed


Construction complete – 10% due


Ready to ship – 10% to be paid to release the shipment



Delivery completed


Order submitted



Final design decisions are made



Appointment for local building department to be scheduled to obtain a permit







All permits are in order, construction ready to start



Assembly begins

What is included?

Every kit comes with the following:

Illustrated instructional manual

All parts identified and labeled for construction ease

Knocked down doors and windows to be assembled on site

All timber frame members with wood and metal joinery

All exterior cladding

All interior cladding

Hemp Block (optional)

Hemp Blanket batt insulation

Metal Roof

Indoor air quality sensor and a 12-months subscription

A mallet

2 sets of 24x36 drawings


What is not included?

Foundation drawings - to be completed by a local licensed engineer

Foundation materials


Exterior cladding


  • Hemp Blanket batt insulation 

       R13 - 3.5", R20 - 5.5"​

  • Hemp Block: 3.5" or 5.5" thick

       ~ R7 - 3.5", R11 - 5.5" ​

       Both insulations can be combined

The block ships with joint mortar and necessary tools with instruction for the installation

Interior cladding

Customizable Options

If block is used on interior:

  • Plaster - all supplies and tools needed to apply your own interior plaster finish

If batt insulation is used between the studs:

  • Plywood (no formaldehyde)


  • Cedar planks finished with bleaching oil

  • 7/8" corrugated painted metal panels to match roof

  • Hemp Blocks on exterior with plaster finish


Place a deposit here for your own Traveler

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The Traveler - the comfort of working from home in a healthy space or a peaceful retreat in nature