We are a licensed architect, woman-led company that is determined to revolutionize conventional construction practices and bring healthier options to the market. 

We consult, design and supply materials for a complete breathable vapor-permeable wall and roof construction.



It all started when we opened our architecture practice in LA and when we were looking for a healthier alternative to the existing construction practices. Most of the products on the market currently are of synthetic, petroleum-based origin, which require a lot of chemicals to produce, millions of years to break down, and are non-breathable, trapping moisture in the walls.


Having grown up in a different country, where plastics were scarce and a lot of emphasis was placed on healthy way of living through natural, breathable clothing, preserved fruit and vegetables for winter consumption and most of the food grown without pesticides in your own garden, looking at other, healthier, ways of building our environment became somewhat of an obsession. And when we started our family, it became a necessity. And that’s when we came across hemp and the options this plant can offer – in food, clothing, buildings and technology.


Being a licensed architect, I knew of other ways of construction in other parts of the world, that deemed “outdated” and “not cost-efficient” here, in the country where the progress never stops. And so we do install Pink fiberglass insulation, because it’s affordable and does a good job; and we do wrap our buildings with plastic, because it’s affordable and can be installed in two days. But the more you discover about the differences in the principles of the structures built in Europe or Asia vs North America, the more you realize, the cost is relative, when we talk about how often we need to replace the wet insulation that no longer insulates and now grows mold, and how many children now have asthma, and what is it that we breathe, because we spend 90% of our time indoors, statistically speaking.


This journey had began two years ago, months before hemp became legalized in the US. Since then we moved to a farm, started growing our own hemp, started a research and development center for construction materials and now consult and sell supplies for a breathable wall and roof assembly.


We are beyond passionate about healthy buildings, healthy people and healthy environment and we are here to help like-minded people every step of the way.


We are here to make a difference by introducing different construction methods to the design professionals, construction industry and people’s minds through products, consulting, and public outreach.



We believe that healthy buildings = happy people.


Environmental cataclysms, global warming, depleting natural resources and our dependency on diminishing oil reserves beg for changes in the built environment. Toxic substances are often used in the production of conventional construction materials, and at the end of their life cycle they are dumped into landfills in massive quantities.

95% of our lives are spent inside buildings, many of which are made of off-gassing petroleum-based non-breathing toxic products.  We are sold on an idea that if only we seal the gaps,  and if only we install a mechanical air circulation, then we will buy ourselves the best option available. We are not warned that we still breathe processed air mixed in with the toxic off-gassing from our new flooring, furniture, clothes. And we are rarely advised that there are other options, where walls breathe, regulate the temperature and humidity, resist rotting and pests, a system, proven through centuries, long before plastics even existed.


Here at COEXIST we offer this alternative, and our designers and architects work to bring construction and industrial products to market.  In collaboration with our hemp farm we’re exploring the possibilities that hemp can have on materials in the built environment. 


We develop systems that create an ecosystem where the natural world can coexist with humans in a clean and healthy way because our systems give back. We believe there is a lot to be explored and that is why we operate a research and development facility to innovate and create new materials and systems that work.


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