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About Us

Coexist Build is a PA-licensed architect-led company that is determined to revolutionize

conventional construction practices and bring healthier options to the market. 

We develop systems that create an ecosystem where the natural world can coexist with humans in a clean and healthy way because our systems give back. We believe there is a lot to be explored and that is why we operate a research and development facility to innovate and create new materials and systems that work.

We design with you in mind.  Healthy, Simple, and Sustainable.

Why Did We Start Coexist?

People are becoming increasingly interested in health and wellness. Many are taking climate change seriously and are willing to work to combat its effects. Interest in human health is rising and people are choosing to be change makers. Today, there is a growing awareness that the space in which we live, work, and play also contributes to our mental and physical wellness.

Concern over toxics, allergens, synthetics, and plastics is rising. Also, people care more about the Earth than ever before. Attention is being given to carbon embodiment, carbon impact, regenerative materials, recycling, sustainability, waste, and renewability.

Coexist Build addresses all of these concerns through the design and construction, using methods and materials that are natural and coexist with the environment. Our goal is to disrupt the conventional methods of construction and bring an alternative to the market, that is healthier and more sustainable.

Our History of Firsts

The first in the US tiny house on wheels made almost entirely of hempcrete; we named it Hemp House on Wheels or Hemp HOW.

We built it in our barn in eastern PA with the help of Cameron McIntosh of Americhanvre. 

Hemp HOW premiered at the Javits Convention Center in NYC and made its second appearance at the Philadelphia Design Festival, before it had traveled over 3000 miles across eastern US to various shows and expos.

It is still standing and is in perfect condition, proudly displayed at our facility in PA. 

HHOW Cut Out.jpg
PA Dept of Ag.png

2019 - First Hempcrete House on Wheels

2020 - First Hempcrete Factory-Made Block

IMG_0214 M.jpg

The first in the US to date (now is 2022) hempcrete block produced on an industrial scale at a factory in eastern PA.


We had always known the benefits of a prefabricated construction. Years before we had started Coexist, we were already busy researching, testing and pitching potential investors the idea of a hempcrete block. 

Our first commission came from The Parsons School of Design at The New School in NYC.


2021 - First Installation of Hempcrete Block with a Spray-On Hempcrete

The first in the US install of US-made blocks with a spray-on application on-site against the blocks. It is a big deal, because for the first time in the US the install of hempcrete combined two types of products, both can be scaled and with a consistency, that cannot be achieved if installed by hand. 

In other words, we had brought the next level to the market. 

IMG_0868 M.jpg

2021 - First To Bring Hempcrete Into Mainstream

EX - View1 - FN_M.jpg

The first in the US - a building kit made almost entirely with non-toxic and with no off-gassing materials. 

We were sold out within several months. 


Architectural Digest named us "the Best Tiny House on the Market".


2021 / 2022 - First to Receive USDA Grant For Research in Hemp in PA

We are proud recipients of a first USDA grant in the hemp space in PA, awarded to conduct study of air quality and a life-cycle assessment; currently in progress. 

In total, Coexist is a proud recipient of over $350k in federal and state grants, awarded towards our work in the hemp space.

Ben Frnkln.JPG
PA Econ Deve.JPG
PA Dept of Ag.png

And today

We are continuing to transform our built environments through thoughtful design, innovative materials and construction that leads us into a better tomorrow, where people, technology and environment can coexist.

We are actively working with partners:

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We outreach and share our knowledge:


We are proud members of:

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To discuss new partnerships and investment opportunities, please contact us below.

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