We offer several lines of products all designed to work together as a complete breathable envelope. These products were chosen for their superior performance, similar characteristics and ability to complement each other when put together and they have proven to work together.


Overall, this limited selection of proven products makes it easier for a homeowner or a design and construction professional to navigate the healthier materials options without feeling overwhelmed.

As we are finalizing our lines of products and updating the website, please stay tuned for the announcements.

why hemplime


Test are in progress to satisfy ASTM and building code requirements


Alkaline nature of lime prevents mold from growing


Alkaline nature of lime makes hemplime not very appealing to rats and mice


Hemp is embedded into lime making it impossible for termites to destroy it

High acoustic performance

Excellent sound-absorption qualities

Plant and earth-based materials

Hemp is grown without the need for pesticides, herbicides, and much water. It absorbs CO2, and aerates and removes heavy metals from the soil. It is an excellent rotation crop and a source of a building material.

Hemplime binder is based on naturally occurring lime


Hemplime wall will absorb the moisture on the outside during the rain or humid weather, and then will slowly dry out, and add moisture into the dry air inside.

Thermal mass

As lime calcifies over time and turns back into stone, it acts as masonry or stone construction from the moment it is installed. In the winter it absorbs the winter sun heat and at night it releases it. In the summer it absorbs the coolness of the night and keeps it cool on a hot summer day.


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