Our work proves that building beautiful and breathable structures without off-gassing materials is possible. And we are the first company in the US to make it available to all as a DIY kit.

From over 5,400 entries from 90 countries to Dezeen Awards this year, our kit The Traveler is one of about 75 projects that are in the running to win an award later this year in the Sustainability categories.

Here is a dedicated page for our project on the Dezeen Awards website:

Coexist Build has designed The Traveler in Pennsylvania, United States.

This project is a DIY kit for a backyard office or cabin retreat designed and curated for optimal performance, comfort, and health.

The Traveler is the first hemp-and wellness-based DIY kit on the market. Materials are carefully selected based on the performance efficiency, environmental and health impact, and life cycle analysis.

The assembly of the heavy timber structure is reminiscent of a barn raising; an event for the family to cherish and remember.

The hemp and plaster walls bring an earthy feel that promotes wellness and health. Healthy, fun, and sustainable, The Traveler is the next level of modern construction.


We are the first company in the US to manufacture a hempcrete block. 

We believe in building systems that promote wellness and a healthy living, and that it is our responsibility to be stewards of the environment and human life.

And we want to make it available to all.


The Traveler

A DIY building kit

Coexist Hemp Block

All blocks are made to order, if you are
interested, please reach out directly.

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