Designing and building for the Future


Coexist was created to bring nature and the living into the built environment through natural and regenerative materials, edible landscapes and smart design. We believe healthy built environments can coexist with natural environments.


We cultivate ecosystems that are healthy and are designed to protect the earth’s natural resources for the future.  Through the use of regenerative agriculture and building materials we are building and holding stores of carbon in our soil and in our walls.  We are dedicated to the stewardship of the land and built environment to help build a better future.

Healthy buildings, healthy people.


our story

experimental Farm   and community

We operate a 9 acre farm in Pennsylvania to support our research facility, provide food for our family and educational workshops.  


We believe health begins in the soil and that is why we’re transitioning our farm to regenerative organic with the help of Rodale Institute.  


We believe it’s important to farm responsibly.